#Cannabiscon will be launching March 3rd in Calgary, Alberta and we could not be more excited! New to our line-up this year, #Cannabiscon is a full-day designed to deliver cannabis opportunities and information regarding health, lifestyle, employment, legislation, regulations, and more.

We aim to provide and encourage meaningful and impactful conversation about an industry which inevitably affects us all. With such wide spread expansion within the industry, cannabis legalization will be prevalent in most of our lives in some capacity, whether as employees, employers, parents, friends, family members, members of the general public and/or specific communities. We believe that knowledge aids in safer and more educated decision making.

#Cannabiscon will feature participating Cannabis Clinics which will be available to assess individual questions, concerns, and needs. Those in attendance will be able to have face-to-face interviews with those who run these clinics to learn more about cannabis benefits and risks in relation to their individual needs.

At the end of our trade show, attendees will be invited to participate in a job fair with participating exhibitors. We encourage you to bring your resume, along with any questions you may have for potential employers about careers within the cannabis industry.

“We focus on opportunities and exposure to cannabis as a personal venture in ways that will really affect our attendees in a meaningful way whether through employment, medical treatment, general knowledge, or how legalization will impact them.” - David Evans, Special Projects, Cannabis Canada Forums.

At #Cannabiscon you will gain information regarding:

  • Emerging opportunities in the cannabis employment sector,
  • Identifying varying job descriptions within the industry and meet those currently hiring,
  • Access to medical cannabis,
  • Uses for medical and recreational cannabis,
  • Engage industry clinicians that work at cannabis clinics,
  • Licensed producers and related legal cannabis businesses,
  • Upcoming legalization, legislation, regulations,
  • What these changes mean to you.

#Cannabiscon is a public event that runs on the Saturday of each Cannabis Canada Forum event, in each city visited. Medical Cannabis has been used and recommended for relieving certain symptoms of specific ailments for decades. We look forward to sharing in this conversation with you at #Cannabiscon.

#Cannabiscon Program:

Doors Open

Cannabis 101
This presentation will give a general overview of medical cannabis: plant, effects and consumption means, THC, CBD, strains. (Q & A with audience) Current medical access system.

Legislative Update
Legislative update on distribution systems, taxes and grow regulations City and Provincial Overview (Q & A with audience)
Public Safety and Harm Reduction
Plans for programs in place for youth and public education on legalized cannabis.
Innovations in the Canadian Cannabis Space
Learn about new product categories that are changing the way Canadians Consume cannabis
Cooking with Cannabis
How to get the best results when cooking/baking with cannabis. What works, what doesn’t – how it’s changed with different cooking methods
Myths and Realities
Being safe and using cannabis responsibly.
Cannabis in the Workplace – Employee Perspective
What is allowed, what isn’t. Using Common Sense. Benefits if prescribed?
Careers in Cannabis
What opportunities are available, what skills and talents are they looking for, what are some of the position names and brief outlines.
Cannabis Job Fair