What Would Legalization Look Like in Canada

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The recommendations from the Task Force are extensive, with over eighty different suggestions on how to implement and strategize laws and regulations in the legalization of marijuana.

Following are a few key pieces that will be focused on in cannabis legalization:

Minimum Age of Purchase: 18-years-old, with the possibility of changing this age to be in-line with the drinking age in the different provinces.

Restrictions on Advertising and Promotions: similar to tobacco with warnings, with no legalized cannabis products advertised towards children.

Plain Packaging: nothing flashy that may appeal to children.

Sales: legalization will see products to only be sold in dedicated storefronts excluding grocery and liquor stores.

Driving Under the Influence: there is no current extensive research available in terms of how much marijuana is too much when driving. The Task Force recommends determining if their should be a limit and what that limit should be.

Price: there is no clear direction in terms of price at this time, as the Task Force would prefer a higher price for legalized products to deter people from use, but want to avoid prices being so high that people are pushed to go the illegal route.

The Task Force recommended that individuals grow plants themselves, with a limit of four plants with a maximum height of 100 cm in each home, along with the suggestion of a mail-order system which gives access to people in remote locations, minimizes the risks involved with illegal and uncontrolled retail sales, and does not inadvertently put children, youth, and young adults at risk.

The Task Force spoke of the prevalence of letting each province and territory decide for themselves what is best for their region.

Anne McLellan was firm to make the reminder that while there are some large legalized licensed producers, the great majority are, in fact, smaller producers, along with the importance of meeting the regulatory standards already put in place.