Jamie R. Cox MD

Jamie R. Cox MD,  Chief Medical Officer for Sundial, is a graduate of Dalhousie Medical School, Halifax, Canada. He has spent time in multiple tiers of the health care industry in both the United States and Canada.

His prior challenges included that of a corporate leader to the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia to improve healthcare and quality outcomes.  This has been accomplished by developing strategic initiatives and stakeholder engagement. His broad experience in medical fields of both Canada and the United States gives him a unique ability to realize opportunities and pitfalls in both systems.

A prior role was that of Corporate Medical Director of Saturn Corp., Springhill TN where his leadership responsibilities encompassed health care initiatives, disability, workers compensation, health and safety, and work related injuries and illnesses. Dr. Cox has been successful in developing strategies for containment in health care costs in industry and the general population while also improving outcomes for injuries and illnesses.

Over the last two years he has offered consultative services for primary care and specialists in the medical cannabis arena seeing over 2200 patients. He has successfully improved quality of life outcomes while instituting dramatic decreases in pharmaceutical utilization inclusive of narcotics.