Ivonne Martinez

Ivonne Martinez is a seasoned Government Relations and Communications professional with over 25 year of experience working with the Federal Government, Alberta and British Columbia Legislatures as well as the Oil and Gas Industry.

She has worked for Cabinet Ministers at both levels of government as well as six years with Nova Corporation and TransCanada Pipelines. Ivonne has served as a Board Member for the Beverage Container Management Board since 2012, a Government delegated authority for container recycling for Alberta. Ivonne is the President of the Alberta Liquor Stores Association, a position she has held over the last 6 years, after returning from working abroad in Dubai, UAE.

We are excited to welcome Ivonne Martinez as a key speaker on Friday, April 13th during Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day. Martinez will join a group of speakers to discuss Opportunities in the Retail Sector: Alberta’s next great economic opportunity, and views on the emerging retail landscape.