What is Friday’s Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day?

The Canadian cannabis industry is booming, and with legalization scheduled for July 2018, the entire cannabis business landscape in Canada will be changing. Cannabis Canada’s National Educational Conference and Business Opportunity Forums designed the Business Opportunity Day event for entrepreneurial and business professionals interested in the cannabis sector.

We’ve heard many questions being asked:

  • “How will legalization affect those currently working within the cannabis industry?”
  • “How can I maximize on the economic boom by opening my own business?”
  • “We want to invest,” or “We are looking for investors within the cannabis sector.”
  • “How will legalization affect businesses not within the cannabis industry?”
  • “What are the rights of the employee and the employer?”

Studies and research have predicted a solid growth pattern in the cannabis sector as one of the, if not most, prominent horticultural investing booms. “There are opportunities for everyone within the industry and we want to highlight that success within the industry is not dependant on which niche you’re in currently, but that you’re agile enough to get into the industry,” said special projects manager, David Evans. “The Business Opportunity Day is about the many opportunities available to serve the market. Almost any business can be crafted to work within the industry.”

It has been stated that many businesses are in need of capital from investors in order to expand and grow, and what we have seen thus far is that banks and financial institutions have not been running to the forefront to fill these needs. In North America, consumer spending reached $6.7 billion last year on legal cannabis, which is a 30% increase from the year prior [1]. With an industry expected to reach $23 billion in 2021, investors have a great opportunity to cash in on the legalization of cannabis. We know to build a business model and execute it well takes education, experience, and relevant up-to-date information. Many want to poise themselves beside the economic upswing legalization is creating, and we are here for the education side of it.

We’ve designed a program to address the pressing needs and questions of our fellow Canadians. We hear from many who are wanting a lucrative career in the budding cannabis industry, and our intent is to show you how. Our forums have been designed to provide an educational experience that dive deeply into topics of interest, delivered by known and respected industry leaders.

We value the benefit of educating those in the business sector on the impending changes by showcasing varied strategies, differences, and tips on being vigilant and proactive. By showcasing key-speakers and panels of people and groups who are in a hands-on-position in forming decisions and bylaws, rules and regulations, and adhering to them in their own work, we will provide the information needed to support those looking to monetize on the booming cannabis industry.

Present at Cannabis Canada Forums Business Day will be members from the highest level of each respective level of government to provide relevant and up-to-date information on changing legislation and regulations alongside respected and recognized industry experts, licensed producers, physicians, and leaders in the cannabis sector.

The Friday Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day will run each Friday of the event in each city. Thursday is the Medical Evening, and the Saturday is #Cannabiscon; a day for the general public to learn about cannabis.

Our full-day Business Opportunity Day event includes:

  • Cannabis 101
  • Cannabis in the Workplace
  • Cannabis in the Retail Sector
  • Business Opportunities/ New Private Retail Environment
  • Investing in Cannabis; The Next Big Opportunity in Alberta
  • Canadian Cannabis Chamber: The Colorado Experience
  • Top 10 Predictions for Cannabis in Canada for 2018


Calgary tickets are available for purchase online here.

Edmonton tickets are available for purchase online here.



*** The Business Opportunity Day will also showcase the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. However, these tickets need to be purchased through the Calgary Chamber website here. The Luncheon will include:
Legislative Landscape: Ministerial and Municipal Update
An update on plans for legalization roll out, potential mandates for government levels and public safety concerns.
Cannabis Presidents Panel
A group discussion on how these business leaders became involved in Cannabis, the challenges of becoming a Licensed Producer, looking forward in the industry.


[1] Forget Pot Producers - Here’s a Better Way For Investors to Cash in on Cannabis Legalization, Brian Milner, The Globe and Mail, July 26, 2017, https://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/globe-wealth/cannabis-investing-despite-solid-growth-not-a-game-for-the-timid/article35810337/