Colton Kirsop

Colton obtained a Master’s degree from the McGill School of Urban Planning in Montreal and has 15 years of planning experience. Colton is a Senior Planner in Development Services at the City of Edmonton where he works collaboratively with community and industry to modernize Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw.

Cannabis has become a part of Edmonton’s economy, where it is regulated through federal and provincial laws and in some City bylaws, including the Zoning Bylaw. Colton’s work in this area included supervising public engagement on cannabis sales in Edmonton and advancing proactive measures to prepare the City for the legalization of cannabis. In June 2017 City Council approved amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that:

  • Created a definition and use class for Cannabis Retail Sales to separate cannabis stores from other retail stores
  • Clarified which existing definitions in the Zoning Bylaw do not include the production, sale or consumption of cannabis

We are thrilled to be welcoming Colton, along with his expertise and experience, to Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day. Colton will be speaking with the Legislators in Edmonton, Alberta on Friday April 13th. He will be joining a group of highly regarded speakers to speak about the Legislative Landscape: Ministerial and Municipal Update – An update on plans for legalization roll out, potential mandates for government levels and public safety concerns.