Chris Bromley

Chris Bromley has been part of Color Ad’s team for over five years.

However, his capacity before January 2017 was significantly different. Chris has his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Group Benefits Associate (GBA) designation as well as his Health, Accident & Life Insurance License.

Before January 2017, Chris was a benefits, pension and compensation consultant working in Toronto and Color Ad Packaging was his client. Color Ad’s executive team and Chris began discussing the potential cost impact Cannabis could have on their group benefits plan back in September 2016. These discussions evolved into brainstorming how Color Ad could service this growing industry.

In January 2017 Chris joined Color Ad’s team to help them develop and sell a Child-Resistant pouch. 12 months later Color Ad proudly manufacturer’s a Child-Resistant pouch in Canada and have sold over 5 million packages to the North American Cannabis market.

We are thrilled to welcome Bromley to Cannabis Canada Forums Business Opportunity Day in Edmonton, Alberta on April 13th to join a group of speakers discussing Business Opportunities/ New Private Retail Environment: Business opportunities related to funding, security, branding, consulting, laboratory testing, law, accounting, packaging, horticulture among many others (Q & A with audience).