Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon serves as Executive Vice President of Aura Cannabis, and specializes in operational efficiency, client relations, community partnerships and industry compliance. He has a degree in Political Science from UVIC, and is a graduate of BCIT’s Non-Profit Management Program.

Andrew has led operations for a number of high-profile retail dispensaries as their General Manager and Community Integration Director; and has worked with a diverse array of patients and local partners to build accountable, community-responsive and financially sustainable dispensation models.

Galvanized by the prospect of cannabis legalization in Canada, Andrew is passionate about working with community stakeholders across the country to help reduce social stigma for consumers, and abate pharmaceutical drug dependence within communities.

We are thrilled to welcome Andrew Gordon to #CannabisCon’s Consumer Day on Saturday, April 14th at the Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre to join a panel discussion Opportunities in the Retail Sector: Alberta’s next great economic opportunity. Views on the emerging retail landscape.