A comparison of THC and CBD

Article by greencamp

The first written proof of using marijuana as a medicine dates back to 2900 BC when the Chinese Emperor Fu Xi noted that “cannabis was a very popular medicine that possessed both yin and yang”

As it seems, cannabis sativa has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes for five millenniums now, if not even longer. Unfortunately, with the worldwide prohibition still going strong, which started at the beginning of the last century, we are mingling in an era of strict marijuana laws which make it illegal in most countries.

However, things are starting to change for good. With ever more states and countries legalizing the herb in one way or another, this powerful plant is becoming available to more and more patients in need.

For the past few decades marijuana has been catching the attention of scientists around the world who are more than willing to prove how useful this plant can be in treating a bunch of different disorders.

So, what exactly makes cannabis so powerful?

One word: cannabinoids. Cannabis produces cannabinoids, active compounds found inside the trichomes in the flowers and sugar leaves. These chemicals bind to the receptors in our nervous system making recovery processes of different conditions exponentially faster.

There are about 100 different cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, but the most popular today are THC and CBD. What is interesting is that both substances have proven their powerful influence on human body and mind.

Today, we’re sharing an infographic that explains the differences between these two cannabinoids in a digestible, visual way.


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